Man , sing me , goddess , the hero from the long trip , the one who wandered for so long after they destroyed the sacred city of Ilium.He saw many countries , he met many men , he suffered a lot of pain in the soul , the sea , struggling to save the life of him , returning to his comrades.

(Omero, Odissea. Incipit.)

Until the End of the Sea

The project “Until the end of the sea” tells about the trip of the author in the south of Sicily area, Lampedusa, jewel of the Mediterranean  sea.Lampedusa is an island of contradditions, pains, travel, landings, hopes. It is a land of migrants. Mediterranean sea, is the theathre which inspires the the verses of Omero and his Odyssey. Lampedusa is in the center of the sea and it is the crossroad of the contemporaneity, the crossroad of millions of travels, which represent the whole umanity.This is a Umanity which is constantly moving, searching for a change, searching for new hope. The “travel” is composed by different images printed in high definnition diretly on wood pieced, partially taken by the cimitery of the migrants boat in Lampedusa beach.  The wood is the symbol of this movement, of this travel. It is a passage through another dimension, through a second opportunity. Inspired by the Omero verses, 6 key words have been selected for this work :

The Travel,  The Island, The Bond, The Fight, The Salvation, The Return

Each word are represented by 5 images which are linked with the constant wandering of the man.

The Way





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Born in Milan in 1981, Jacopo Di Cera graduated in 2005 from the Bocconi University of Milan in Business Administration. He works for years as a marketing manager in many multinational companies. He studies photography with great international photographers with whom he can experiment and compare himself.

He exhibited his works in Rome at the Museum of Rome in Trastevere and at Palazzo Valentini with an important project on Jerusalem. In 2010 he won the prestigious fourth place in the National Geographic competition.

He has participated in Italian and international exhibitions and fairs: MIA – Milan; Palazzo Velli Expò – Rome; Les rencontres de la photographie – Arles; Festival Con_vivere – Carrara; PAN – Naples; Paratissima – Turin; Fotofever Paris Photo – Paris.

They wrote and edited Jacopo’s projects: Massimo Ciampa, Auronda Scalera.

His photographs are present in some galleries in Italy and abroad and are part of important private collections.


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Il Papiro Art

Hart Studio


Common of Lampedusa

Common of Napoli



Part of the proceeds of the works are donated to the project “Information and Awareness ” and ” Minor in transit “